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K&M 17525 Sähkisteline 5 kitaralle

K&M 17525 Sähkisteline 5 kitaralle

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Todella laadukas sähkisteline viidelle kitaralle. Telineen kumiosat ovat kestävää materiaalia, joka ei vahingoita soittimen lakkapintaa. Nerokas lukitus- ja kokoontaittomenetelmä.

Your "sweet hearts" are taken good care of in this exclusive guitar stand. Be it in the studio, on stage, at the store or at home. Guardian securely holds up to 5 E-guitars or base guitars, saving space. Guardian provides the musician with an excellent overview over his instruments. Specifically adjusted and cushioned rests provide a secure and protective grip. The flexible protective arms protect the guitar from moving and provide protection when putting down or picking up the guitar from mistakenly hitting the frame of the stand. The soft pads are equipped with cushioning qualities. They softly support the guitars weight and avoid any damage to the instrument. The Guardian is easy to transport and carry and thanks to an innovative folding mechanism, it can even be stored in an upright position. Flexible, proportioned system arms with integrated pick holders allow the guitars to be put down both on the right or the left side, and also ensures that the guitar strings are not touching anything. As a result of its advantageous construction the Guardian can be positioned right in front of a wall, without taking up much space. The translucent elements ensure that discoloration does not occur as a result of nitro-coatings.


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