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SR Technology STW 600 aktiivisubwoofer 15"

SR Technology STW 600 aktiivisubwoofer 15"

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SR Technology STW 600 aktiivisubwoofer 

Huippuluokan aktiivisubwoofer. Made in Italy

STW 600 is an active subwoofer providing 600W RMS, 15” speaker and features Class D switching amplifier (ICEpower® by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower) technology. A great choice for the professional user the STW 600 is suitable for a wide range of applications both indoor or outdoor. With its totally new design, compact size and low weight the 600 enables incredible projection of bass frequencies yet is portable enough to be considered by any performer. The STW 600 is an ideal partner for STL 400, Live 350/A, Live 550/A speaker systems. A standard speaker pole fitting is provided in the top of the cabinet.

Active version (STW 600 A)
Frequency response 30Hz-120Hz
Sensitivity (1W-1m) 100 db
SPL max 129 db
Crossover Electronic: fixed 120Hz cut
Woofer 15
Max Power Out 600 W RMS  Bang&Olufsen ICE Power
Connections Input Right/Left  XLR
Connections Output Right/Left  XLR
Controls Volume, Ground Lift switch, ST/Mono switch
Box Bass reflex
Construction Plywood
Weight Kg 33  (73 lbs)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
45x63,5x61 cm


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