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Presonus Studiolive Series III 16R Rack

Presonus Studiolive Series III 16R Rack

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Presonus StudioLive Series III 16R digitaalimikseri

  • 16-kanavainen digitaalinen räkkimikseri sisäänrakennetulla audiointerfacella
  • AVB lavarasiamode StudioLive Series III-sarjan miksereille

Local Inputs and Outputs

- 18 total inputs
16 mic/line channel inputs + 2 RCA inputs
- 6 ¼-inch TRS FlexMix outputs
- 2 XLR (L/R) Main outputs
- Stereo headphone output

Channels and Buses

- 16 input channels
- 1 stereo digital return (SD Card, AVB, or USB)
- 10 buses:
6 FlexMixes (can be designated as aux, subgroup, or matrix mixes)
2 internal effects sends
Stereo main bus
- 6 Filter DCAs for easily and flexibly controlling groups of channels

Networking Connections

- 1 Ethernet control network port
Dynamic, Self Assigned, and Manual IP address modes
- 1 Locking XLR Ethernet AVB audio network port


- Onboard stereo SD recorder
- 18x18 USB recording interface
- 32x32 AVB recording interface

Signal Processing

- Intuitive Fat Channel signal processing on every channel with:
A/B settings comparison
Highpass filter and polarity reverse
Gate/expander with sidechain
Compressor with sidechain
4-band parametric EQ on inputs
6-band parametric EQ on outputs
Delay on every input
Delay on every output
Professionally programmed library of presets
- Vintage EQ and compressor models available on every input
Passive EQ
Vintage EQ
Tube compressor
FET compressor
- 8 31-band graphic EQs
- 2 internal effects buses: combination of reverbs and delays with modern and vintage options
- Built-in real-time analyzer

Scenes and Presets

- Create, save, and edit up to 100 scenes
- Scene management with:
Scene Safe—prevents a scene change from affecting designated “safe” channels
- Create, save, and edit channel settings and copy/paste between channels
- Advanced channel preset options can save and recall:
Channel type and name
Input settings (preamp, +48V phantom power, polarity, pan)
Fat Channel A & B settings
Bus assignments
Aux and effects send levels and pan
Select button color
- 8 Quick Scenes
- 8 Mute groups


- Studio-quality converters with 115 dB dynamic range
- 48 kHz operation with 24-bit resolution (44.1 kHz option coming soon)


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