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Ketron SD2 soundimoduli

Ketron SD2 soundimoduli

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Loistava taskukokoinen soundimoduli monenlaiseen käyttöön: midi-hanurit ja keyboardit, joihin halutaan loistokkaita lisäsoundeja.

Aivan lyömätön laite soundin laadun ja käytettävyyden puolesta kaikkiin midiä antaviin laitteisiin.

Myös rumpusoudeja ja rumpulooppeja runsaasti vaikka musan luomiseen kotistudiossa.

Italialaiset kyllä hallitsee mm. hanurin soundien luomisen ja se jos mikä on perinteisessä suomalaisessa musiikissa tärkeässä roolissa. Myöskin puhallin-, jousi-, piano- ja urkusoundit ansaitsevat erityismaininnat.


Your SD 2 not only offers the sounds that are by now part of the GM standard references but you will also find other Sound Banks with many characteristic sounds in the traditional families (Piano, Strings, Sax, Brass etc.). The main feature that definitely distinguishes SD 2 from other sound modules is the presence of the numerous audio Loops (Drum Loops that you can download free of charge from our Internet site: ). Just imagine if you add these Loops to your musical creations ...they can enrich, if not indeed replace, the rhythm of your songs and they could make the difference with everything that you have elaborated up to now in the sphere of Midi files! Just a quick example: Think of a Midi file of Caribbean music, where you often hear not very convincing parts of Latin percussions. Apply some of the Patterns available in the data base of the additional Loops (or rather replacement loops) of the existent Drum track (Copy & Paste).  In just a few steps you will be able to replace the Midi rhythmic structure with audio Loops and the result will be amazing. Once your musical file is complete and you have saved it in the format that your prefer, you can naturally play it back with any type of sequencer or Midi player (i.e.: MIDJAY or similar) by connecting it to your SD 2. The use of laptops has become more and more popular in the world of musical entertainment to play back Midi files. The advantage of having a musical board integrated in the computer is however often penalised by the fact that such boards only avail of a few sounds and of rather modest quality. In this case again, we think that the use of SD 2 instead of built-in boards offers a considerable opportunity.
MIDI KEYBOARD (Master keyboard, Arranger, Accordion etc. ) SD 2 can be used as a supplementary module to enrich the sound palette of your keyboard. Another ideal solution is that of coupling SD 2 with Master keyboards without sounds or with current mini remote keyboards (multimedia keyboards) that are used increasingly in the live set-up. We are sure that such a powerful and compact sound module will certainly become part of your musical set-up.


Sound Generation Stereo Grand Piano.384 GM Voices.
128 Special Orchestral Presets. Over 1000 Percussive sounds.
GM Standard. Digital Drawbars.
Drum 1 32 New Drum sets.
Drum 2 150 Live Drums, featuring Acoustic, Jazz, Pop and Dance Loops.
Effects Multi effect DSP. Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Rotor Slow/Fast.
MIDI In, Thru. 32 Midi Channels. GM standard.
Outputs Left & Right Outputs . Stereo headphone.
Volume Volume Slider.
Dimensions L x W x H = (12 x 13 x 4 cms.) (4.8 x 5.2x 1.6 inches).
Weight 0.6 Kg. (1.32 lbs)
Power External 12 Volts Power supply included.



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