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Visual Sound H2O V2 Liquid Chorus & Echo

Visual Sound H2O V2 Liquid Chorus & Echo

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  • Liquid Chorus & Echo
  • 2 kanavainen Chorus / Echo
  • Choruksessa erilliset Width ja Delay Time säädöt
  • Digital echo

The New and Improved H2O from Visual Sound

Warm! Liquid! Lush!  All words that accurately describe the new V2 Series H2O from Visual Sound.  The new H2O gives all the same great tones guitarists have come to love over the years. Whether it's Chorus, Echo, or both... use each channel by itself, or combine them both just as you would two separate pedals!  The Chorus channel is a wonderfully voiced effect for electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, using pure analog circuitry.  At the heart of the Chorus circuit are custom designed Visual Sound “bucket brigade” chips. Use the Norm/Lush switch to set the overall style of Chorus and drift away on the H2O’s incredibly rich chorus. H2O’s Echo channel is a hybrid digital and analog circuit for the best of both worlds... you’ll be amazed at the long delay times with their warm, natural repeats. Add to it a second (non-effected) output jack for stereo amplifier setups and you have the best of all worlds in the H2O.  s

Dimensions:  5" x 6"  (126 x 153mm)
Current Draw: 41-55mA (depends on Echo Time setting)

Note:  All dimensions are approximate maximum dimensions.  Current draw is shown from bypass to channel(s) on.


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